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Video stream processed by VDOSAFE is a mixed puzzle which is very difficult to recover without knowing the correct sequence of transitions. Anyway, to restore the initial video stream the video would have to be reencoded again.

The chances that this kind of video will be stolen are reduced hundreds of times.


All we need from you is the video itself. VDOSAFE will convert it in all needed formats, encrypt and provide you with ready-to-placement html code of your personal player. VDOSAFE player do not depend on Flash technology and works well in all modern browsers.

Our player works even on iPhones.


Realizing that any protection is not eternal, we continuously improve and change the algorithms of our players, working ahead of the curve. The good news is that you don't need to do anything to update the player: it happens automatically, without your participation.

You just always protected.

Try it now!

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